What is WIZARD


WIZARD Quest is a quick-paced card adventure game for 2 to 5 players.

     There are seven branches of magic: fire, air, water, stone, summoning, life, and death. The first five are so commonly known and practiced that five magical colleges were created to focus on their instruction. The Brenskol Hellhounds, the Hultemp Hippogriffs, the Runsmul Gargoyles, the Druksben Selkies, and the Hexerkil Inklings are the five colleges of magical learning.

     Wizards who study magic do so through these colleges. Their placement into one of these depends on the types of magic at which they were most proficient. Studying in a specific college meant the wizard can grow in that branch of magic. The cost of this is that wizards will find it difficult to cast spells of the opposing branches of magic.



     Separate the Hero Cards, Quest Cards, Spell Cards, High Spell Cards, and Event Cards. Make a draw deck for each set face-down (the High Spell Cards should be face-up and can be searched at any time). Each player receives a Hero Card and a Quest Card from the draw decks (each magical college can only be used once per game – you may decide how best to solve this). Each player places their cards face-up in front of them. Depending on the number of players, the starting amounts of gold are distributed.

2 players – 5 gold each
3 players – 5 gold each
4 players – 4 gold each
5 players – 4 gold each

     The player with the longest beard; OR the player with the most physical money currently with them; OR the player with the longest middle name goes first.




The players take turns, as their wizard, to buy spells, cast spells, and complete quests toward winning the game.

     A wizard’s turn begins when he or she draws an Event Card. The Event Card takes effect immediately, but it is held until the end of the turn. During the turn, a wizard may then: buy a spell, cast a spell to complete a solo quest they control, cast spells to complete an open quest or co-op quest any wizard controls, buy a High Spell of his or her choice, or cast a High Spell. A wizard’s turn ends when he or she discards the Event Card that was drawn at the beginning of the turn.

     Spell Cards may be revealed to other wizards, if desired, or they may be kept hidden. Hero Cards and quest Cards must be visible at all times. If a spell is cast or discarded, it is not replaced.

All events must be resolved in the turn during which it was drawn. There may be any number of targets. Some events may go unfulfilled. In this case, the Event Card is still discarded, the turn still ends, but no events occur. When an event is resolved, all wizards must obey the conditions of the event, if possible. The Event Card is added to the Event Card discard pile when discarded.

     When a quest is completed, the wizards involved gain the rewards listed for that quest. The completed quest is then added to the Quest Card discard pile, and a new one is drawn. If the Quest Card draw pile runs out before there is a winner, shuffle the Quest Card discard pile, and it becomes the draw pile.

     When a spell is cast, the wizard who cast it gains the rewards listed for that spell. The cast spell is then added to the Spell Card discard pile. If the Spell Card draw pile runs out before there is a winner, shuffle the Spell Card discard pile, and it becomes the draw pile.

     If the Event Card draw pile runs out, shuffle the Event Card discard pile, and it becomes the draw pile. Alternatively, the game can end there. In this case, the wizard with the most quest tokens wins.


If a wizard has the required number of quest tokens or more on their turn, he or she wins. Alternatively, a wizard may purchase a High Spell with spell tokens. The Wizard must collect the listed spells to cast the High Spell. If a wizard casts a High Spell before another wizard has twenty or more quest tokens on their turn, he or she wins.

2 Players – 10 Quest Tokens
3 Players – 15 Quest Tokens
4 Players – 20 Quest Tokens
5 Players – 25 Quest Tokens

2 Players – 8 Spell Tokens
3 Players – 9 Spell Tokens
4 Players – 10 Spell Tokens
5 Players – 11 Spell Tokens

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